Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The common cold

I get this every year, usually in April, but seeing as we have April's weather a month late in May, it's been delayed. I've got a bloody cold coming. This evening my sinuses started hurting(the first thing to go on me usually), and now I'm shivering and aching. Boo! I actually feel really fluey and rubbish, and really don't fancy work tomorrow, but I can't call in sick. It's just not the done thing in my place. My boss has got the right idea(very clever man), he gets us all so emotionally invested in the place that we feel too guilty to have a day off. This is because a) all the old dears need us, and b) we love our colleagues so much we don't want to leave them in the lurch.

Yesterday I bravely planted out my tomatoes and dwarf beans. Will there be another frost, or won't there? I've probably jinxed myself now by daring to plant them out.

As usual it's been a busy day today. Ryan was off school today(with the aforementioned cold that's doing the rounds, Taylor has it too), but I had to go to a solicitors in town and get some documents signed for the wedding at lunchtime so I left him here on his own.
I got back and had an invite to take Isobel out with Sam & Harvey. Seeing as it's rained all week and today was the brightest day we've had in ages, I was desperate to get some fresh air so we went to Marsh Farm. I didn't realise that under 3's went free! I would've taken Isobel loads of times if I'd known. She's three next week so that's an opportunity wasted!
Isobel in the play barn
Sam with her hand up a sheeps bum(it's ok, it's not real). Harvey was suitably unimpressed and cried.

We went on the tractor ride.
I loved it. I am a child.

The best bit, the indoor sandpit. Just as we sat inside it decided to chuck it down, great timing!

The day out had the desired effect.

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