Monday, May 21, 2007

Soggy Monday

I can't believe it's raining again. We're going to get soaked walking to school.

My friend over at RedWineDiary has decided to join in with the Musical Monday. It's taking over the world.... :)

I had a meeting with Taylor's teacher this morning, it was really interesting and has cleared my mind on a couple of issues Taylor has. We talked about how he behaves in school and how his work is going, she agrees there is something going on there(possibly mild Aspergers rather than ADD), but she advised me to not get him assessed. He's progressing with his work and behaves well, the concentration and social issues are his only problem areas. She said we could work together with any concerns, such as him struggling with homework, and allow him to develop without the 'label'. I'm happy to do this, as all I ever wanted was for him to get extra help in school. I'm going to be giving him Omega 3 oils too, we tried them before and they did help. She said her daughter was exactly the same, and although she knew as her mother that she wasn't like the other kids, she allowed her to just be herself, and she has grown into a successful 25 year old.

Isobel's presents are all ready for tomorrow, she's got a wooden farmyard and some accessories, a Lazytown DVD and a My Little Pony from us. The boys have got her a Fifi DVD. I can't believe that THREE YEARS ago, I looked like this, and the fiery ball of stubbornness that is Isobel was about to enter the world.

It's going too fast.

She has really grown up the last few weeks, she talks in full sentences now, understands everything you say. She has the funniest sense of humour too. I went in to her bedroom last night and she had two dummies(she doesn't really suck them anymore, the teats are chewed to bits, but she likes them to be in bed) covering her eyes. She then took one off and said "Look Mummy, I look like a pirate", then absolutely cracked up laughing. She has us in stitches all day long.

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