Friday, December 28, 2007


Yesterday we went on our yearly sales expedition. Normally Ryan and I go alone at 6am, but as Pete was working all three children had to go and so we left at the more respectable time of 7am. I got everything I wanted for the kids, and even managed to treat myself to a new top. Ryan spent all his Christmas and birthday money too, so he was happy. Why he needed three tops that were almost identical I will never know.

I also got Isobel her school uniform as she starts on January 8th. Doesn't she look grown up?

I took these of Isobel just now, as she was going to bed. I have to put up a real fight to get any nice pictures of her as she hates the camera. The fast shutter speed of my new one is making it a little easier though.

I woke up in a foul mood today, and managed to piss Pete off before he left for work, so that should be fun when he gets home.

I only moaned about never having a day off or any time to myself, and how stressful and frankly not particularly enjoyable Christmas was for me this year. I did everything(while everyone else enjoyed their holiday and ate yummy food and read their new books and watched TV), and he took it as a personal affront and got the hump. I may just not bother next year and let them all organise it. We are all too scared to say anything around Pete at the moment, he is just so miserable at work that we have to walk on eggshells all the time.

I told him this would happen if he went back to working in retail, but I'd rather be wrong than right in this case. I'd love him to be enjoying it. :(


seagers said...

Isobel is very gron up in her uniform, she also looks very tall nad very very pleased. Hope it goes well for her.
Love the other 2 photos too, she is just scrummy. Hope Pete comes round for you too.

seagers said...

pants, look at my bad spelling, sorry, she is 'grown' up 'and'

Dan said...

Aw bless her... Jo peeked over my shoulder and virtually melted into a puddle of goo when she saw her. Women... ;) Glad her eye is looking better too. That'll be an interesting battle scar for when she's older!

And I know what you mean about Xmas - it was just all go go go for me, no relaxing, no time to chill and do what I want.

Sorry Pete is having a shitty time at work. Tis the season I suppose

Dan said...

Happy new year Laney :D Hope you ALL had a good one, and here's to a great 2008