Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

The last two days have been madness, trying to get organised, but now I am actually chilling out on Christmas Eve. This has to be a first. I think it's because the house is already tidy, which meant I could scratch about 8 or 9 jobs off my list before I'd even started. We got the majority of our food shopping on Saturday evening, but had to pop to Tesco yesterday to get the last few bits(why do the shops always sell out of Advocaat and single cream every year?), and were shocked when we realised how much money we'd spent in total on food. Two hundred and fifty pounds! Seems a tad excessive doesn't it? But someone kindly pointed out to me(thanks Mim!), that is actually only about £30 a head as we are feeding eight people for both the Christmas dinner and the evening buffet. Realising that made me feel a little better. I've prepared all the food that can be done in advance, and we have the neighbors coming round with their four children for a get together tonight, and then we are almost there.

I nearly forgot, I got asked for ID when I tried to buy champagne yesterday in Lidl. I almost died. He let me off eventually(must have looked a little closer and seen the wrinkles). There was me worrying about tiptoeing closer to 30 every day, and he wanted ID. It made my Christmas anyway.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays, whatever they are doing or celebrating.


Dan said...

Whooo I've never been ID'd, not even at 15 when I bought beer in Tesco :D

Hope you had a nice chaotic crimbo :D

Laney said...

That's the funny thing Dan, I was the resident booze buyer when we were cider swilling louts in the park. Being so tall I could get served at 15. In fact I don't think I have EVER been ID'd to buy booze, only to get into clubs, and I usually was actually underage so they were right to ask. Maybe I am regressing.

seagers said...

yay, I got a mention, I got a mention.........Oh how lucky you are to get Id'd, you are just too young and good looking lol.....Glad you had a good time :)