Monday, December 10, 2007


Taylor had an abscess behind one of his front teeth today, so had to stay off school to visit the dentist. Apparently, it's come up in response to some kind of trauma, like banging heads with a friend(likely!), or a knock. I do vaguely remember him moaning that he'd banged it a week or so ago...

Having all three at home while trying to do work has been a nightmare(how do you other home educators do it with different age children?). Taylor wanted to join in, but I've been very conscious of not making it too fun, in case he decides he wants to leave school and be home educated. He loves school and goes to a good one, so I really don't want him to be at home. Plus, he's hard to teach as he lacks concentration and gets frustrated easily. I think I'll leave him to the teachers for now! Ryan started a project on the Romans while we were at the dentists, then we all did some chemistry experiments and maths together this afternoon. Isobel did what she does best and was a royal pain all day.

I will leave you with a picture of me with my colleague Carol, taken when we were out for our meal on Friday.


Dan said...

science is the best... though of course i liked the destructive Brainiac aspect of it all ;)

AND managed to cause three evacuations at school :D

Laney said...

Why am I not surprised? You should be called Dangerous Dan!