Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I hate the few days after Christmas, the feeling of it being over for another year is so depressing. I'd love to rewind to Christmas eve and do it all again.

We had our karaoke party and were all very sensible and didn't drink too much, and went to bed at 1am. I got up at 5am to put my giant turkey on, thinking it was going to take 6 hours to cook, when in fact it only took 3 and a half. I have no idea why it cooked so quickly, as our oven is notoriously slow(it takes an hour just to cook oven chips). I'm thinking we slipped into a time warp or something. The kids had their sacks from Santa at about 8am, and fro then on it was a mad rush to cook dinner. I had a spud emergency, so had to start them from scratch, thus adding 30 minutes onto my cooking time and making dinner late. I boiled them for about 5 minutes too long because I was speaking to my Uncle Victor in Australia, and turned them into soggy mash. It turned out nice in the end though.

The present unwrapping took precisely 32 minutes, which is ridiculous considering the amount. I think that was solely down to Isobel's speed unwrapping though. She whizzed through each one in record time and went on to the next.

Unfortunately, this means that we have no idea who bought what for who, so will be sending out very vague thank you notes to everyone. She has slowed done a bit now though, and is spending more time appreciating each present.

Of course, the happiest family member of all is Malley...

...who managed to eat her own body weight twice over in turkey.

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