Friday, December 21, 2007


While we were preparing for my Dad & Pauline to come over on Thursday evening for dinner, Isobel fell and smashed her head on the rocking chair arm. She'd split her eyebrow/forehead clean open, it looked like a boxing injury. It was pretty scary, very deep and wide and you could see bone. I scooped her up, left the boys indoors to let my Dad know what had happened(Pete was on his way home from work anyway), and rushed to the hospital thinking it'd just need a few quick stitches. She was a little star, she never once complained about pain, but she is a bit scared of blood so we had to keep it covered for her. We ended up staying over night in a bed on the children's ward, then waited for 20 hours to see a plastic surgeon as it was so bad. Here is the end result, looking much less horrific than before. It was so bad initially that people actually gasped when they saw it.


Isobel loved every minute of it, the nurses all fell in love with her no-nonsense attitude and prickly temperament, and she came out from the anaesthetic OK(and in a foul mood). She couldn't say operation at first, and kept calling it her decoration instead, and soon all the nurses were calling it that too.

It has put my Christmas preparations back by two days though.

Strangely, I think we may have had our first ghostly visit from Nan today. She must be here looking after her. When I put Isobel to bed her wardrobe door was open, where Pete had grabbed some clothes earlier to bring to the hospital. I closed it, read her a story, turned the light off and had my usual cuddle and chat with her, than I remembered she hadn't had her medicine. I went outside the bedroom and grabbed it, and when I got back she was still in bed but her wardrobe was open again. Spooky. I mentioned it to Pete and he said he thought he'd smelt her perfume around the house today as well. At least she's looking out for her.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she's absolutely fine - head injuries always look horrific due to Loads Of Blood. Glad to hear your Nan's there for Christmas too :)

Dan said...

Oh my goodness, the poor little lass!! I'm glad she's on the mend though. Bet she ends up with a really impressive black eye too.

Kate said...

Aaw, bless her - it must have been horrible for both of you. Glad to hear she is OK - I think Dan is right though, she'll a shiner for Christmas.

Dan said...

Hey darlin,
Just popping by to wish you a very merry christmas, and a happy new year!

Hope the craziness continues through to 2008 :D