Sunday, October 07, 2007


A few weeks ago, another cat turned up on our doorstep, just like this time last year. I realised straight away that this new cat was actually the daughter of the old cat(are you still with me?). When we finally tracked down the first adopted cats owner after her death, she told us she had her daughter too, called Berry. Fast forward a year since Isla moved in with us(and sadly passed away in the spring), and Berry starts coming in our house. The first time we let her in for a sniff, and then off she went again. I thought she could probably smell her Mum.

Today, I opened the back door and she was asleep in the garden. She jumped up and came in, and now wont leave. She's been out twice and come back again. Why do these cats keep doing this to me?


Dan said...

I bet £100 you become the Crazy Cat Lady when you get old. Well, older. ;)

Laney said...

I'll give you the £100 now, it's obviously going to happen so why fight it? My Mum is a crazy cat lady, so it's in the genes.

Kate said...

Aaw, it's quite sweet - they must know you like them.

I plan to be a crazy cat lady too, something along the lines of Nanny Og from the Pratchett books.

Thursday said...

I'm already well on my way to being the crazy cat lady, complete with a fur-filled house. Pretty cat, how could you resist?

Dan said...

I recognise all the warning signs - my mum is the crazy cat lady of Laindon West ;)

It's one of the reasons I moved out in fact. Current moggie count: 17