Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grey Day

Well, what a dismal weekend. I had planned to take Isobel for a walk in the woods today, as all the boys were at football, but that plan went out of the window.

When we were in Jamaica the boys both caught ear infections from the pool. Taylor's was awful and cost us £100 in doctors call out charges, but Isobel was fine until about 2 weeks after we got home when she seemed to get one. My useless doctor gave her ear drops at the time instead of antibiotics, and so yesterday she developed a high temperature and looked awful. Her ear actually didn't start hurting until midnight last night, when she suddenly got really poorly with a temperature of 100 degrees, and we had to get an emergency appointment at the hospital at 7am this morning. Needless to say I'm worn out, and am now trying to cook a roast in a state of half slumber.

Taylor got collected for football this morning by his manager as I couldn't go, and they told him yesterday at training that he would be playing on the pitch rather than in goal. The defence they had were just letting too many strikers through, and although Taylor was catching 90% of them, he was being attacked every few seconds and the scorelines were showing it! They've always said they missed him out on the pitch, and as it happens one of their other boys was a bit poor on the pitch but OK in goal, so they've swapped them over. Taylor wasn't too happy about it as he hates defence, but you have to do what's best for the team! They only lost 2-1 today, which was fantastic as it's normally 10-1. The manager said it was the best defence they've had, the new goalie barely had to do anything as the ball couldn't get through.

I just pulled my first parsnip out of the garden to use for our Sunday roast. It was like Excalibur! I pulled and heaved for ages, dug all around it, and I still left half of it in the ground. I'm saving the rest of them for Christmas dinner, so I've got plenty of time to excavate the rest.


Thursday said...

Ugh! Ear infections, they're the pits. Hideous pain.

Dan said...

Jaysen used to be prone to ear infections, so I know how you feel. I've never actually had one which is odd but still.

And yes, the weather was crappy all weekend.

Yay for Taylor and Parsnips though ;)