Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The end of the dummy

Isobel was never really that addicted to her dummy, or dodi as we call it. She'd leave it in bed every morning, and wouldn't even ask for it all day. But, when we flew to Jamaica, she had it on the minibus, then on the plane, then for most for the holiday. My Mum is a soft touch. She knew that if she whinged loudly enough in a restaurant, we'd have to give in, and a vicious power struggle started.

Since we've been home she's either had it plugged in her mouth, or she's been whining for it. Listening to "I need my dodi" starts to wear a bit thin after the 100th time. She is very persistent, which is an admirable quality, just not in this particular situation. I decided yesterday that enough was enough, so explained that when we went food shopping she could have a toy and swap it for the dodi. Today, she went ahead and did it, and is now the proud owner of a Fifi and the Flowertots musical whatumacallit. The most annoying toy ever invented. But, she placed the dodi on the supermarket shelf and walked away and went to bed without even asking for it or crying. Success!


Dan said...

Jaysen had his dummy till he was nearly four, he was that attached to it. Bethany had hers till she was not quite two. One day I had enough of it all, gathered them all, showed the kids and explained "No more", and they watched in horror as I binned the lot of them.

The next few days were iffy, but it worked ;)

Tam was addicted to hers till she was two, then it kinda got left here and there. I collected them on the sly and saved one "just in case", and aside from one complete meltdown when she saw it, she was fine.

I still like my dummy though ;)

Thursday said...


Laney said...

She hasn't even mentioned the D word since yesterday evening, and that was just to reaffirm that yes, the dodi was definitely still at the shops.