Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We've been to see Disney on Ice - The Incredibles today with my work. I took the boys and my mum with me as there were some spare tickets. We had a nice Thai meal in a restaurant that sounded like it should have had topless waitresses. It was called Thai Silk. very sexy! The show was good, I wouldn't pay to go and see it, but I don't mind doing it for work. Ryan was far too old for it(in fact, I wondered why half the adults were there as they had no children with them at all), but it was still funny. It was incredibly cheesy. I'm sure Isobel would've loved it, but I was working and I couldn't be responsible for 48 old age pensioners and her. Too much work!

In other news, I am getting a new digital SLR camera for Christmas. It'll probably be this one, has anyone ever used one? I am so excited. I'll be able to take proper pictures. I love taking photos, I literally carry my camera around everywhere, but it's so rubbish that I'm pretty restricted. I'm only going for a budget model, but I'll still get better quality shots from it.


Thursday said...

Verrrry nice-looking camera!

Dan said...

hehe so you wonder why there were adults there - but you took an army of oldies with you to see it ;D You're probably one of the reasons there were so many adults in there! hehe

Very purdy camera. While I have no skill with a "real" camera, it's one of these things that is apparently easily picked up, from shutter speeds, exposure levels, various lenses you can get. I've seen lenses more expensive than cameras.

Maybe talk to the people in Jessops about it down by the post office in town :)

Laney said...

Ahh, but most of my old biddies had grandchildren with them. They'd obviously been dumped with them over half term.

My friend used to be the manageress of Jessops, shame she left I could've got a discount!