Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fungus Foray

We went for a wander yesterday to Thorndon Country Park. Taylor wanted to practise his goalkeeping so Pete took some shots at him. They had a little sandpit in the picnic area so that kept Isobel quiet(and dirty!), so I could eat my sandwiches in peace.

Then I dragged them all on a mushroom hunt. It was a really nice walk, Taylor and Isobel enjoyed clambering about and helped me look for stuff. I struck gold with these evil looking little beauties;

The Amethyst Deceiver, some people think they taste lovely, some people hate them. I'm going to have them fried with garlic butter for breakfast. I'll let you know how that goes!


Dan said...

please don't poison yourself ;)

Laney said...

They were delicious, and I'm still here an hour later(although mushroom poisoning takes ages to kick in anyway). I fried them in garlic butter and put them on toasted french bread. Yummy!

They are one of the best ones to eat, as you can't go wrong with them really. There aren't any purple toxic mushrooms to confuse them with. It's the white ones you have to be careful with.

Dan said...

"there aren't many" does not instill confidence in my! hehehe

I'd never have the guts to go into the forest and pick fungus to eat. You know the first one I come across would be deadly just to touch.

"Man Found Dead Gripping Mushroom"
"Police Warn Against Magic Mushroom Farming"

Laney said...

To be fair Dan, you are a tad accident prone, so I'd have to agree with you! I did find loads of others, but could't be sure of what they were so steered well clear.

Just don't come for a fry up at my house. ;) LOL