Sunday, October 21, 2007

Christmas is coming

Sixty five days to go!

I know that will either fill you with excitement or dread. I know some of you hate the preparation and shopping side of Christmas (*coughs* Dan), but I love it and can't wait to get started. I've drawn up my lists of who gets what, and am now just waiting for the next payday so I can start shopping. Taylor was supposed to be visiting relatives in Australia at Christmas, which would've been weird for us here without him, but it's been put back a year. I am not looking forward to another year without my Nan. I've dreamt of her loads these last few weeks, I always wake up feeling like it's real and she's still here.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas dinner this year. I love to cook anyway, but for some reason I'm really into it at the moment. I have mad flurries of activity in the kitchen a few times a week where I cook three new things at the same time. Last week I made Watercress Soup, Fresh Ravioli and a Rabbit pie, it was mayhem. I don't know whether to stick with Turkey or try something more gamey for Christmas dinner this year. I don't actually eat meat, so I couldn't care less, and Pete will eat anything, but will everyone else? If its a disaster it would ruin dinner.

Maybe I'm just not that brave!


Dan said...

Heeeeey, I don't hate Christmas.
Oh wait... hehehe
Xmas - cool. All the "crap" - not cool.

One of my friends always has venison for Xmas. And a duck or a goose.

Good luck with the shopping - no doubt I'll be there Xmas Eve cursing all you early starters ;)

Thursday said...

This will be the third Christmas without my mum having lost her just before Christmas 2005. It does get better, believe me. What helps is reminding myself that she had lots of Christmases before I was born, lots of Christmases when I was here, lots of Christmases with her own mother and lots of them without her mother. This is all part of the life cycle and because of her, I am here to enjoy lots more Christmases and indeed, every single day.

Laney said...

That is really lovely Thursday, and you are right of course. My Nan lived for Christmas, she loved to spoil us all, even though she didn't have much. She'd want us to enjoy it(and we do, even though we miss her). I actually feel like this year will be harder, we were all a bit numb last year as she'd only been gone 5 months. Hopefully after this one it'll get better. :)

Dan, I am definitely not an early starter. Some of my friends have FINISHED their shopping already, and have their cards written out and ready to send. Madness! Pete does his on Xmas eve too, is it a man thing?