Monday, October 29, 2007


The stupidity knows no bounds.

Honestly, is it just teenage boys, or have we got a complete moron on our hands?

Ryan doesn't actually engage his brain, ever. Unless there is money involved of course, then you might see a flicker of life. I wouldn't mind if it was the occasional thing, but this is a relentless barrage of idiocy, every single day. It's driving me to despair, I may actually have to start talking to him very slowly as if English isn't his first language.

Just this week, Ryan has opened new jars of mayo and tomato sauce, even though there were two already open in the fridge right in front of him, he's locked us out of the house after we categorically asked him to not lock it as we had no key, he's ripped a curtain track off the wall after I sat the whole family down and told them not to open the window anymore as the track would fall down, he's left sauces and condiments out of the fridge all day that only he uses, left the bread unwrapped so it went just goes on and on. He'll say "What's for dinner?", then literally before he's even left the room it'll be "What's for dinner?". We had to sit him down last night and tell him to open his eyes, think about what he is doing, and tidy up after himself. I'm at my wits end with him, it's infuriating.

After telling him off for an hour last night, he's just waltzed out to the kitchen and picked up Pete's visibly larger dinner(Pete is still at work), on a much bigger plate, and sat down and ate it. On what planet does a 35 year old man eat the same size portion as a teenage boy? Even the plates were different sizes. Since he moved in, whenever he's asked which plate is his, I've always replied "the smaller one". What on earth made him think today would be any different?



Dan said...

Sounds like my half brother, and, dare I add, me during my early-to-mid teenage years.

Hormones, don't you know ;)

Hope he snaps out of it fairly soon darlin. Not like you have another boy rapidly approaching the same age...

Oh, wait..... ;)

Laney said...

I know, I know, don't remind me.

That one acts like a teenager at age 8. I may just run away from home now.