Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday Sunday...

We had a nice day yesterday. The weather was steaming here. Pete went to football training so me and the kids went round to see Lara. She still had a few guests round there staying after the reception, so we sat in the garden chatting. The reception on Saturday night was great. The wedding photos were projected onto the wall, they were really nice and Glenn did a great job. Both me and Isobel got a present, an Isobel went nuts over hers. She got a Nemo wheel along case with Nemo toys and Nemo knickers for her potty training(which is going slowly!)
Ryan dancing with Lara:

Anyway, back to Sunday! I left the boys at Lara's and took Isobel home for a nap. Pete got home and decided he wanted an argument, and really laid into me. He basically said that I spend no time with him in the evenings(hello, I'm busy!), and made me feel like shit. What he didn't realise is the reason I don't want to sit with him in the lounge all night is that I get ignored. There is either football, cricket or a film on. Whenever I try to have a conversation he doesn't hear me, and I end up repeating myself 2 or 3 times. It's very annoying, so I leave him to it. I'm also a pretty cold and shut off person with my emotions, and he's sick of it. So that was me reprimanded.
We went and collected the boys and visited the horse sanctuary down the road from us. It really is a fabulous charity,
They take in abused an abandoned horses, and survive only on donations from the public. I volunteered here as a teen, and will do again once Isobel is at school. I also had one of their horses on loan years ago. Debbie, a retired racehorse. I'm pretty sure she'll be gone now, as she was 25 years old when I had her in 1996.
Isobel loves animals, but one of the horses sneezed on her and she cried.
Then we went to the adventure playground, the kids all had fun and I got stung by a wasp. Good times. Me and Pete are fine now, we always are after we have words. We're very good at resolving things as soon as we can.

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