Tuesday, July 11, 2006

School report time

Well, it's that time of year that the kids dread and I love. I'm evil like that.

Firstly, Ryan had his report last week which was very good, and his open evening was tonight. All his grades have gone up, and he's in the top half of his year. His attitude at times needs to improve as he can be a bit cheeky, but we knew that! He knows what he needs to improve. All in all we were very pleased as his best subjects were the most important ones; Maths, Science and English. His Head of Year really likes him(they got quite close when Ryan was being bullied) and said that if he puts in an extra 10% he'll get top notch grades. He's clever, just a little lazy. Well done Ryan!

Taylor's final infant school report says "It has been a pleasure having Taylor in the Infant school. He always has a smile and something to say. He is helpful and eager to please. Well done Taylor you've made very good progress." We have his open evening tomorrow so fingers crossed that'll be good too.

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