Saturday, July 08, 2006

Firstly, to get the morbid stuff out of the way, we've had news from the coroner and it's was my Nan's heart that killed her. It makes me feel a little better as it was probably quick. The image of that pillow on the floor where she'd been alive and trapped long enough to reach up for it will haunt me for a long time though. She obviously didn't go immediately. When my Grandad died I went over to the flat straight away, as I lived in Romford at the time so was local. His body had already been removed, but I could feel his spirit there in the room, just hanging around. When I went to the flat on Thursday my Nan had already gone. There was no spirit, I just knew she'd been there for a while and had passed on already. I told the boys on Thursday night after their day out at the cricket with Pete. Taylor really cried for ages, but we had a good chat with them about it, an Taylor is adamant that Nan will come and visit him from heaven. It wouldn't be his first ghost so I wouldn't be surprised!
The 7th of June was Nan & Grandads wedding anniversary, so they got to be together for that. I hope they managed to find each other in time and celebrate.

Me, my Mum and the two boys went to the Hampton Court Flower Show with my members from the Day Centre on Friday. We thought the trip would take all our minds off it. It was a lovely day, better than expected actually. We travelled on a boat from the coach park to the show, it was good fun.

Then we wandered around all day. I bought some nice earrings, some lavender, two plant pots, an Xmas pressie for my stepmum, a present for Lara, and two minature roses. I'm planting one of them for Nan, probably at the cemetary when it's all settled.
I'll have to add more pictures later as this site is being stupid.

Victor is arriving from Australia at 5am on Monday. Oh, and I've inherited a Budgie. It's called Snowy(stupid name, but as Nanny Farm named her I'll have to keep it.) Lucifer would be more apt. It's EVIL. If you even dare to look at it, it squawks, go near it and you'll lose half of your fingers. It'll have the other half off you the next time. Honestly, the bird needs some serious taming.

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