Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We went to the Pick Your Own farm today, which was quite a drive for a punnet of Raspberries, but fun all the same! We went to Lathcoats Farm just outside of Chelmsford.

I always loved going as a child, and can't believe that this was the first time we'd taken Isobel. My overriding memory of it is the day in July 1994 when my Dad turned up to collect me alone, as Pauline was at her Mum's bedside watching the cancer finally win. We picked strawberries at a farm in Mersea, then went for a picnic and a paddle in The Splash, which is a river that runs across a road. I've taken my brood there a few times, but never to do the fruit picking part that preceeded it. I remember that my Dad and I kind of knew that Mary had gone, even though there were no mobile phones back then so we had no way of actually knowing.

Running through the orchard

Painted Lady

It's all a bit dull here right now as we are in limbo with Pete's work. It's his payday on Thursday but we have no idea whether he will be getting paid anything at all. If he doesn't it's not going to be a very fun summer for any of us. I'm currently selling anything and everything on Ebay, which has to be the most labour intensive way to make not a lot of money ever!


Thursday said...

Laney, fab pictures. I hope you all have a good summer - you deserve it.

Laney said...

Thanks Thursday. I'm sure we'll manage to enjoy it more than we realise. It's tough when it's raining though as all the indoorsy type stuff costs money. Typical British weather!