Sunday, July 19, 2009

Schools Out

No more getting up early for school runs. Not that I'll get a lie in as Kit gets me up at dawns crack, but the rest of them get themselves up and fed, so it's easy peasy from here on in. Today we had contractors outside our bedroom with chainsaws at 7am. Very thoughtful of them.

I'm very aware that the rest of this blog post will be very dull for the majority of people out there, but we have family that read my blog, *waves*, and they want to see these.

Isobel's first school report was excellent. You can tell she's ours because the people-pleasing part of her nature is so like me, I hate conflict and do anything to diffuse a situation, and the numeracy skills is very much like Pete.

Taylor's was also very good;

Taylor's test results were really good. An average child(whatever that is!) should be achieving Level 3a/4c by the end of Year 5, which is the year he has just finished.

Ryan had three of his friends over on Saturday night, and our living room isn't really big enough for four almost-adult sized people now, so the rest of us escaped for a couple of hours. We went to the pub as it was a nice evening. Pete decided that the ancient bouncy castle in the beer garden could cope with an adult and two children. He was wrong!

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