Sunday, August 02, 2009


I know I am biased but I seriously think I have the sweetest baby in the whole world. He is quiet, sunny, and loves to just sit up and watch the world go by. As long as he is sat up he is happy. Lay him down and you get told off! He can't wait to get moving and spends most of the day wriggling, rolling, shuffling and grunting in frustration trying to get somewhere.

He will be 20 weeks this Friday, that has gone so quickly. Pete was just saying it feels as though he's always been a part of the family, and it really does. Kit being here hasn't really changed our lives or routines, he just tags along with us with a smile on his face. We've finally cracked the bedtime routine, he goes up at 8ish for a cuddle with one of us, but because he sleeps fitfully until about 10.30pm we don't put him in bed until then, and he doesn't wake up until 7am. It's been bliss! He really is a pleasure to have around, even more so now he sleeps at night.

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