Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sports Day

School Sports Days are pretty rubbish these days. There are no winners, or prizes. What is so wrong with teaching our children to have a little competitive streak? Or even learning to be a good loser?

Or maybe I'm just bitter that my daughter wins nearly all her races and gets no recognition for it. My team won the Mum's race too!

I can't say too much here, what with it being a public blog, but Pete is currently off work sick with stress, as they have been trying to push him out of the company for some time with no grounds to do so. We've had legal advice as the company have made a huge mess of the procedure, but for now Pete is home with me and we are having to manage on my maternity pay. We are making the most of it though, money isn't that important to us, as long as we are together and the bills are paid. Time is much more precious.

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