Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well, spring has definitely sprung. I can't wait to get out there and plant my spuds and onions this week. I'm just waiting to see what the weather does. Aren't we due to have gales or something this week? I promised myself that I wouldn't sow too many seedlings indoors this year, and so far I've been true to my word. I may try some out in the little greenhouse this week. I have some rocket seedlings popping up in the salad bed where they must have self seeded last year. I won't move them, I'll wait a bit then eat them while they are still young. I had something else planned for that bed this year so they can't stay long term.

Ryan started his new school on Tuesday. He had some entry tests last week, which he was pretty nervous about, but he aced them all and has been placed into all top sets. He's always been a high achiever at school, but it's nice to know his standards haven't dropped by spending six months at home learning. He said there were lots of things in the tests that he wouldn't have known if it weren't for work we'd done at home. He's really enjoying it, has made stacks of friends already, and all the girls in his year are fighting over him. Quite literally.

I have a busy week next week as I'm working full time at the moment to get extra money for the house renovations. I'm doing a trip on Tuesday to the Tutankhamun exhibition, which I'm really looking forward to. The 7am start isn't something that fills me with joy though. Taylor is due to have his cast off next week too, so that will be more rushing around.

Today I'm going to visit my old friend Lynne, whom I haven't seen for years. She contacted me on Facebook. She keeps horses, and I'm going to see a friend of hers about sharing her horse part time. It seems more worthwhile than paying £100 a month for me and all the kids to get an hours ride each at a school, when we could be paying the same and all riding twice a week. I'm a bit scared of all the work though, especially working more hours now. Am I mad?


Thursday said...

Not mad, just trying to do your best for you and your family. I am in awe of how you do it. Great B&W pic.

Laney said...

Thanks Thursday. I do feel a little bit under pressure the majority of the time.
Mind you, I'm still in bed at 9am this morning so it's not all bad!