Sunday, March 30, 2008


I apologise for being so slack at updating my blog this week. I've been off work all week, we both have, and have been clearing the kitchen ready for the work to start. The friend who is doing it for us is being a stereotypical builder and being very hard to pin down. He's doing some work for his daughter that is taking longer than expected, so the work could start this week, but more than likely it'll be next week. It's so frustrating, I want it finished now!

So what have we been up to? We took the kids to Coalhouse Fort last weekend for some fresh air, minus Taylor as he'd been naughty. All we wanted him to do was wash up and he caused such a fuss, slamming plates into the sink in a huff, that we sent him to my Mum's in disgrace as punishment. We went for a walk in the woods afterwards too, then promptly fell asleep when we got home after all that exercise.

Isobel collected some sticks...

...then traded up to a bigger stick.

On Wednesday I finally got round to getting my hair cut and coloured. It took two hours to do the colour, but I suppose I do have a lot of hair! It is very bright, but I love it!

We've also been out for dinner, to the cinema, and out clubbing this week, so it's been a pretty social week all in all. No wonder I've not had time to update! We took the kids to an indoor playcentre yesterday, then Sam & Harvey came back here for a cuppa. The kids had fun making a mess with water and a playmat, but that's what kids do.


Bridget said...

You brought back some memories, I use to go to a place called Coalhouse Fort about 18 years ago, before Dh and I got married.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome!

Thursday said...

You look seriously glamorous! I know all about hard-to-pin-down builders - you have my sympathy!

Laney said...

Thanks for the hair comments, it has faded slightly this week to a gorgeous raspberry colour...I love it!
Bridget, it was probably the same place. Surely there can't be more than one Coalhouse Fort?