Monday, March 03, 2008

Award for being...umm...special?

Many thanks to Dan over at 0ddness, who for some XXtraordinary reason thinks I am worthy of the XXtraordinary Blogger Award.

I too, like many others who have been honoured with the award previously, thought the XX part stood for something naughty, but alas it's just because I am special, or troubled, or a little bit mental, or something.

Well, it has certainly brightened my day, and my otherwise shitty month that I've had, so thank you very much. :D It has also given me something to do this morning, as sorting out the tags for this post has taken me bleedin' ages.

I now have to nominate five of my blogging friends for this award;

Firstly I'm nominating Shirl, who's not had a great start to the year, after sadly losing her brother.

Secondly, my blogging buddy Thursday, for no reason other than seeing her photographs and reading about her escapades brightens my day.

My next nominee is Bree, because along with her husband and three children, she is living the dream. They have packed up and are wandering across North America for six months. I don't suppose she'll get to see this, as her Internet connection as she travels isn't great.

Next is Raisin'Cookies, another poor soul trying hard to retain the last vestiges of sanity whilst raising three children.

And my final nominee for the award is Kitchen Witch, who regularly makes me laugh out loud with her writing style.


Thursday said...

Laney, you are a dear. An absolute dear, thank you.

Shirl said...

I just found this post, thanks so much Laney and sorry it took me so long to reply!!