Monday, March 17, 2008

House Party

Our friend Allie had a party for her birthday this weekend, so of course I had to take the camera along to catch people in various embarrassing states of inebriation. It was fun. I stayed up til 6am. Yes, I am regretting it now.

Allie & Sam doing belly dancing

Vicki & Sam

Pete watching James mixing

Me & Vicki

Pete and James taking a break from their hardcore partying

The girlies!

Nils on the decks

It was about here that everything started to go a bit hazy...

Pete and Sam, I actually think she may be propping him up

A few people thought Vicki and I were sisters, which was pretty mad. We'd never met before, but had a lot in common. Pete took some pictures of us pulling the same faces.

Pete and James finally gave up the fight...

I finally gave up and left this lot to it. When I woke up at 10am they were still up and watching Lost. Nutters!

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