Monday, March 31, 2008


Back to work tomorrow, boo! I've had a nice week off, but haven't got as much done as I would've liked. I did manage to get out into the garden and finally plant my potatoes, and some onions. I've also planted my strawberries into my planter which Pete's Mum & Dad bought for me. I've never had any luck with strawberries at all, so hopefully this will help them along a bit and I'll have homegrown berries in a few months.

I'm trying potatoes in a variety of containers this year. I have some Valour maincrop potatoes in the ground on the other side of the garden, and in the bags and buckets are the Belle De Fontenay and Catriona which are smaller, salad type potatoes.

As you can see the mini greenhouse is doing it's thing and the lettuce seedlings are on their way.

It gets deceptively warm in there! I would never have thought it, it's just plastic. I suppose I am south facing, lucky me, so we get the sun all day.

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Bridget said...

Wow, I've "lost" some of my lettuces in a gust of wind! My Mum gave me more seeds today, beetroot and we're going to have runner beans coming out of our ears.