Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A weekend of injuries

Pete was going out with the lads on Friday night and planning on staying at a friends, so I had the nice prospect of a bed to myself and a takeaway for me and the kids. I have no idea what I did, but at some point in the evening the lower right side of my back completely seized up. I couldn't walk at all, or put any weight on my left leg(but the pain was transferred to the right). I put a heat pad on and went to sleep, hoping lots of rest would help. Pete ended up coming home at 3am and waking me up as he'd lost his friends. I had a hot bath in the morning and was able to get my foot about three inches off the floor, so we went out for breakfast, and again it totally seized up. I ended up spending most of Saturday and Sunday resting with Pete, the kids and my Mum running around helping me. I called the midwives for advice, being so close to labour, and they were useless. They suggested I come in to be induced early. Why on earth would anyone want to go through hours of labour when they are in pain already? I couldn't even roll over in bed, let alone get comfortable during contractions! Him coming early was the last thing I wanted at that point. I obviously declined their kind offer, and sent Pete out to get me some nice strong painkillers, which make me feel like I am happily drunk. I have no spacial awareness on them at all, and have burned myself twice making hot drinks, and can't cross the road without walking out in front of a car, but at least I can actually walk now. I managed the school run this morning(had a friend do it for me yesterday though so I could rest), dosed up on drugs, and it was manageable. Hilariously, Pete sprained his ankle at football on Sunday morning so he's been hobbling around and popping the pills too. I've been joking with him saying that he couldn't bear me getting all the attention.

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