Friday, February 27, 2009

Nearly finished baking this baby

Now that the birth of the next addition is imminent(two weeks to go!), I'm really missing my Nan. It's times like this when you really notice the hole that they leave behind. She'd been really involved with the pregnancies, births and childhoods of the other children, so to not have her here feels weird. She was always the first person on the list of people to call with the news when they'd finally made their way into the world. It makes me sad that Kit is never going to know her. We are incredibly lucky that Isobel remembers so much about her, as she was only two and a half when she died. I think most children would've forgotten, but Isobel has the memory of an elephant, like me. She talks about her a lot, and gets the photo albums out to look through at least once a week.

On another family related note, I felt a bit sorry for Ryan this morning. Isobel touched a raw nerve I think, you know how children have a funny way of saying things the way they see it. Isobel has been asking lots of questions lately about our family, and with lots of step parents, half siblings, and hundreds of grandparents, it can get a bit confusing. Trying to explain to her that I'm not Ryan's real Mum, and her Dad isn't Taylor's real Dad, but that we are both her real parents, can get a bit much for her to take in. She seems to be asking me about it a lot lately, probably because of the arrival of a new sibling.

This morning she said "Ryan, your Mum is nasty, that's why you live here with us". Yikes! What do you say to that. Ryan just went "Huh, even a four year old knows what she's like".

She is being particularly horrible to him at the moment too, ignoring his phone calls and stuff, so Isobel must have picked up on it. It made me very sad. :(

Anyway, I must get out and finish the garden while the sun is shining. :)


Thursday said...

Be careful Kit doesn't make an appearance in the veg patch!

Venus Doom said...

Good luck for the big day!