Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lazy Days

We are having a lovely time with Pete being at home. We just get the kids to school and potter around with Kit doing snuggly things, or having people round to see him, or running errands. Going out in the car is a bit of a mission as I have to sit in the back and don't really fit. We really need a bigger car. We are taking Kit into my work tomorrow to be cooed over by old ladies, and then we are off to Portsmouth on Friday to visit Pete's family. My Dad and Pauline were over yesterday, and we've had lots of visits from friends with gifts of goodies for me and clothes for the baby. I feel great, considering I've just given birth and am getting no sleep! I'm having quite a bit of trouble with my hips and back though, still, and am dreading Pete going back to work on Monday as I'll have to do the school run again. The painkillers really aren't touching it, and the support belt isn't helping. I'm sure it'll get better over the next few weeks as my body starts to recover.

He's changed lots already. He's such a good baby, so easy-going and content, and it feels like he's been here with us forever.

Look how alike Kit and Bel are, you can really see it in these two pictures-Isobel is on the left and Kit on the right in the stripes:

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Thursday said...

Laney, those top two photos are stunningly good.