Friday, March 20, 2009

Kit has arrived!

Christian Victor Frederick
20th March 2009

Well, what a crazy day yesterday! I woke up feeling a little odd, I had a severe headache and the midwife suggested I take a strong painkiller, which I think later contributed to my dismissal of my early labour symptoms, as it was masking my contractions. I felt tight around my stomach all day, it wasn't Braxton Hicks, it actually felt more like a tummy bug. Pete took me for a long walk along the beach, he was adamant the trek through the sand would start me off. In the afternoon I started feeling even weirder, but just ignored it until about 9pm when I started writing down the very weak and irregular contraction times. At 11pm I thought I felt his feet kick my ribs while I was lying down, but it was my waters breaking really high up. I didn't realise until about 20 minutes later when I stood up and they went everywhere! It took a good half hour after this for the pain to even start to register, the contractions really were so, so weak.

We left for the hospital at about 12.30am, and when I got checked out I was 5cm dilated, and we also we discovered that there was meconium in my waters so the baby had to be continuously monitored, which sucked. I hate being immobile in labour.

The actual labour went really well. Of course I hated most of it at the time, was bloody terrified, and never want to do it again, but it was short and easy and I got through it. I'm feeling that rosy glow that lasts a few days, before reality sets in, so am making the most of it. I'm loving being looked after by everyone too. It's lovely being pampered.


Venus Doom said...

Just looked at your photos. He is adorable. Will be back later to read your post. But well done!

Thursday said...

Hello Kit! Welcome to the world! Well done Laney, he looks delish.

Kate said...

Congratulations! And welcome to Kit :-)