Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loved up

I am so in love with my snuggly little boy. He really is the cutest thing ever. He has this aura of comfort(I said this while he was in the womb too), you just want to hold on to him as he is really calming and it sort of envelops you. It's a lovely feeling. He sleeps a lot during the day, so I try hard not to pick him up, but I miss him when he snoozes all the time!

Life here right now is just babies, babies and more babies...not much else going on. We went to Portsmouth to visit Pete's family on Friday, then had my uncle over on Sunday. Pete has gone back to work now, so the mornings are a bit of a nightmare, and I am missing him and a bit bored. Taylor played in the semi-final of the cup on Sunday morning but they didn't get through. Such a shame, but his team are in division 7(going up to 6 next season as they've won the league), and the other three teams fighting it out for the cup are in division 4. They did really well to get that far against the much stronger teams. We have half term coming up, so I'm planning on taking Isobel to the cinema to see Monsters Vs Aliens, and we'll do our annual easter egg hunt at some point too.

I have this huge list of jobs to do(ironing for the week, gardening, write an essay that's a week overdue etc.), and all I want to do is snuggle up with Kit. Oh well, life isn't going to go anywhere, and he won't be this small and endearing forever. I'll forget about the jobs and end up cuddling him again, I'm sure.

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Venus Doom said...

He is so beautiful. Well done.