Monday, April 06, 2009


This was part of a thread on a forum, but I thought it would make a nice positive blog post too. So, I am proud of my children because...

I'm proud of Ryan for not always bowing to peer pressure, and standing up for what he believes in. It often gets him bullied, or picked on by his friends, but he still refuses to always follow the crowd. He is often stroppy, and messy, and a whiner, but he also doesn't get into much trouble, and keeps himself to himself, and does just enough school work to see him through. What more can you ask from a fifteen year old, really?

I'm proud of Taylor for being such a sensitive, unique, quirky little soul. He really is one in a million, walking his own path through life. He is one of those people that will always be happy, and always be successful, no matter what he chooses to do with his life. His artwork is brilliant, and I love the fact he enjoys it so much just like I do.

I'm proud of Isobel for doing so well at school, she's achieved the targets for the whole year even though she only started two months ago. She's also taken to being a big sister, and no longer being the baby, really well, and loves her baby brother. She is astoundingly beautiful, and doesn't even realise it.

I'm proud of Kit, my snuggly baby son, for making his way safely into the world. It will always amaze me how they are created from such tiny cells, and end up being so full of life and beauty. We've been very blessed to have had four healthy, strong children.

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