Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No more work!

I'm feeling very calm and zen like today, which compared to the last few days is an improvement. I finished work on Friday, they gave me a lovely send off with balloons and a collection, which has paid for the pram which is hopefully winging it's way to me right now. I fully intend to try and relax these last few days - easier said than done.

I'm doing a team project as part of my OU course at the moment, it lasts for two weeks and we are in week two. From a team of six, only three of us are doing the work. The rest are AWOL. We have to do web research on care topics and write a report as a team, with me chivvying everybody along, answering questions, and compiling the final report because I'm the team leader. One of the women on the team, whom I have actually met(lovely lady), barely speaks/writes a word of English. She messages me daily asking me how to do each section, which is all there already on the project website in plain language. I have to hand-hold her through it every day. I have no idea how she is a) even doing the course, or b) writing the essays. How is the tutor even marking them? Her messages are gibberish. These things are sent to try us I guess.
Yesterday, one of the missing team members decided she'd quite like to join in now, halfway through, when I've divided up the report writing roles and we are muddling through just fine without her. In fact, her joining in now would put us back by about 4 days while we waited for her to catch up, and that's if she even put the commitment in and actually bothered. I may have blown my top in an email to our tutor, basically saying the team member can bugger off. I don't want her joining in. Apparently she had a chest infection. I don't give a damn. I'm 37 weeks pregnant, have been working, feel like a complete invalid who can now barely get out of bed because of my hips/back, and I've still managed to do the work with 3 children hassling me. It's not a good enough excuse I'm afraid.


I had a lovely valentines day, I took Pete out on Friday with some spare money I'd put aside, first time I think I've paid for dinner in our 9 years together. It was a novelty. Then on Saturday we packed the kids off to bed early and had a nice dinner alone with some wine and a baileys cheesecake. My whole world revolves around sleep and food these days!

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