Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garden prep

I've been trying to get out in the garden for about a fortnight, but what with my course project(a disaster from start to almost-finish) and half term, I haven't had a chance. I finally got out there today, and I have no idea how I managed it as I can barely even reach the floor now, but I got one of the beds cleared of weeds, composted and fertilised, and I've put some polythene over it to keep the cat off. I must get it done this month as the spuds and onions need to go out in the next few weeks, and nothing will grow if I don't fertilise it now. Only another two beds to go. They'll probably take me another fortnight.

We've been swimming, to the park, to a play centre, and had a nice overnight stay at the hospital with Taylor too, so a busy school holiday. Taylor went over his bike handlebars on Friday afternoon and had concussion, and as he couldn't stop being sick they put him on a drip and kept us in overnight. Sleeping on a fold-out camp bed at this stage in pregnancy was not fun at all, I could barely put one foot in front of the other last night when I got home. I was so stiff.

My pram has arrived, and it is beautiful. It's the nicest one I've ever had, it's just so well designed. You can tell it's German, every little knob and lever has a very important job to do, but it's all so simple. The blasted cat keeps sleeping in it though, I keep shooing her out and frightening her, hopefully it'll sink in before the baby arrives.

I had a midwife appointment on Friday morning and baby is almost fully engaged(not that this means anything with 2nd babies onwards - he could still drift back out of position), and I'm getting cramps and tightenings pretty much all the time now. I can't walk anywhere without getting contractions, which I never had with the other two.
Just as I thought he's posterior like the others were, which means he's face up instead of face down and it's supposed to mean a long, painful labour. I seem to grow them this way though and thankfully so far have had nice easy labours. I'm just a freak of nature. He does favour a slight turn to the side which my others never did. Maybe he'll turn the correct way in labour. At this point, having birthed two posterior face up babies with no trouble I'd be happier for him to stay that way. At least I know what I'm dealing with.

She also said she thinks he's 7lbs already(yeah right!), so I'm on target for a monster baby...even though my belly is still two weeks smaller than it should be. It's a good job I pay no attention to her whatsoever. Why do they even bother trying to guess the size? Here I am last week, at 36 weeks;

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