Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just took these pictures of Isobel today. We've been lazing around enjoying half term.

We are all so excited to see what Kit looks like. I think he'll look a lot like Isobel, he certainly looked like her on the scan. She wasn't the best looking baby(they never are, but you can't see it at the time), had sort of grown up features, but she's certainly grown into them now. When you are pregnant you try and picture and imagine your child, but you never expect them to end up as beautiful as she is.


Thursday said...

Lovely pictures Laney. I've had a belief for years that dodgy looking babies end up as beautiful. Isobel is certainly beautiful.

Laney said...

That's exactly what I think Thursday. Cute babies don't make cute adults. Isobel looked like a cross between a sweet potato and a baby bird...not attractive. She had a giant red birthmark under her nose for the first two months too. I hope the new arrival doesn't have any. :S