Sunday, February 10, 2008


Pete and I went to see Cloverfield at the cinema on Saturday night. After seeing the trailer I just had to go and see it. I'd heard about people getting motion sickness due to the jerky camera work, so was a little nervous as I get mild car sickness if I try to read whilst travelling. I'm fine if I look out of the window though, and I don't think I've ever actually been sick.

Well, the film itself is spectacular, but yes, it made me feel sick. Very, very sick. It is the only movie I've ever considered walking out of, because I actually went green. It is that bad, even for a mild motion sickness sufferer like me. I started to feel icky about 30 minutes in, by 40 minutes in I was praying for the end to come and had to keep closing my eyes, and by the end I'd got used to it and was almost enjoying myself again through the nausea.

I truly did love it, the monster is terrifying, and want to buy it on DVD, but am not sure I can sit through it again. I still feel ill this morning.


Kate said...

It sounds as though I had better avoid it - I suffer from terrible motion sickness. Even watching someone play certain computer games makes me want to heave. It's a shame though, it looked really good :-(

Dan said...

Wheeeee I can't wait to see this movie! SO looking forward to it, so once we've sold the kids on Ebay, we're off!

Bring on the nausea!