Saturday, February 16, 2008

Broken bones

Well, we've had our first incident of broken bones in this house amongst the kids this week. Taylor went to a school friends birthday at an indoor playcentre on Sunday, and bent his foot right back jumping into the ball pit. We thought it might just be a sprain, so for the first three days of the school half term Taylor hopped around with some crutches that we still had from my ankle sprain two years ago. When he still couldn't put weight on it 3 days after the event we sent him for an X-ray, and yes he's broken two metatarsals and is in a cast up to his knee. He has to wear it for 6 weeks, so it looks like I'm homeschooling another child for the foreseeable future!
Taylor went to his Dad's yesterday(finally, only a week after his birthday!), and came back with "Mission Complete: No School!" scrawled on his cast. It did make me chuckle.


Dan said...

Yay for broken bones!
My parents did the same to me though - I broke my foot and hobbled around for a week before they took me to hospital to find it was broken!

Bad parents!!

Raisin'Cookies said...

Aw, poor kid! It's weird when that cast comes off -- his leg will be all weak and skinny. I was scared to walk on mine after the cast came off!

Thursday said...

Broken bones are a rite of passage I feel. I was late to mine - I broke my ankle in my late 20's. Cookie's right - your leg looks really weird and thin when the cast comes off, far too stick-like to walk on it.