Monday, February 04, 2008


Pete took me away for the weekend to Brighton on Friday night after work. Unfortunately my Mum ruined the surprise, as she loves to do(it isn't the first time), by calling me at work and asking me if we still needed her to have the kids for the weekend. As it turned out, Pete had got our childminder to have all three from Friday to Sunday, so I got home, had a bath and off we went. Normally I have to pack everyones bags, and have the stress of making sure they are all ready, but he'd done it all for me.
We got to the hotel at about 8pm, then went straight out to eat at an Italian restaurant once we'd got changed. When we got back I had a nice suprise as Pete had put rose petals everywhere and bought me a bottle of champagne. My favourite tipple in the world. Romance isn't dead after all!

On the Saturday we went out for a wander and to go shopping, I struggled quite a bit with the walking because of my hips. Painkillers are my friend! I only took a few pictures, my camera is so big it's taking a bit of getting used to. I really do love Brighton, oh how I wish we could move there one day!

Saturday night we went out for an Indian, and were supposed to be going clubbing, but we ended up drinking in a pub until the early hours. I just wasn't up for clubbing at all. I think age is catching up with me, I just couldn't face the aftermath all week this week. On the Sunday we went down to the beach, and I've honestly never seen waves like it, not even in Jamaica in the middle of a category 4 hurricane!

These young lads were all running into the sea in shorts, they didn't stay in for long! While Pete and I were watching them a huge wave came up the beach and soaked both of us up to our knees, we laughed for ages.

This was my shoes afterwards. I took most of the beach home with me.


Thursday said...

You look very fetchingly sultry on the bed with your rose petals and glass of champagne. Nice one Laney - Pete's a Good Man.

Dan said...

Oooh nice, glad you got a weekend away to yourselves! Brighton is lovely too - did you explore the "Lanes" - I hope so, they are so your kind of thing :D

And I agree with Thursday - you at you all fetching on the bed - though it looks like you've grouped the petals together in some way ;)