Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catch up

What have we been up to...not much to be honest! Stuck indoors with Taylor really. He's hoping to hobble to school tomorrow, so it'll be nice to get him out of the house. Ryan has been staying in Portsmouth with family for a week, so we went and collected him yesterday, so we are back to a full house now, and back to doing school work tomorrow.

Isobel had to dress up at school on Friday for book week, the childminder Jane dressed her up as Little Bo Peep. She did have a hat and a crook at some point, but here she is in her dress looking cute:

I went out to a cheesy nightclub with the girls last night so am feeling a little worse for wear today. I've just had an afternoon snooze, which was marvellous.


Thursday said...

Great shoes! Just think, give her ten years and they'll be kitten heels!

Laney said...

Hehehe...they're a bit scuffed up, even though they were new a month ago.
If she's tall like me kitten heels will be the only heels she can wear, any bigger and I look like a circus freak!

Thursday said...

Bluebells - at their optimum end-April.

Dan said...

Jaysen goes through shoes something chronic... Kinda like me really - I just wear them out, but luckily, I don't care if my shoes go with my outfit ;)

She looks lovely though - makes a change to see someone dressed up and not popping to Asda and buying a costume :D