Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wedding Day

I don't actually remember much about it, it's pretty hazy. We had dinner together without the children in the Jamaican restaurant the night before, then the boys and girls separated for the night, and I stayed in Leigh's room. I went and had my hair done at 11am, it took forever, then we started to get ready. The whole day went to plan really.

The ceremony was really lovely, a bit too religious for us but what can you do? The Minister was a scream and exactly how we'd imagined him! We'd had a short but heavy rain shower at 3pm everyday leading up to the wedding, and we were all worried about it being rained off, but on the big day it didn't happen. It was really boiling hot, probably the hottest day of the holiday, but as we said our final vows and the Minister said we could kiss, there was a tiny little splattering of rain. The minister said that was good luck, but I prefer to think it was Nanny Farm paying a visit. The boys did a great job, Taylor gave me away and Ryan was the Ring Bearer.
The photos took ages, they took 200 pictures and we'd all had enough by the end of it. We then had a champagne reception on the balcony, and cut the cake, then all went to get ready for dinner.

We had dinner in the Italian, I drank lots of Champagne, then we went to the Reggae night on the beach and I danced in the sand in my wedding dress!


Dan said...

I retrospec of my last comment, it occurs to me that being a typical man, I failed to say "You look marvellous dah-ling" in your wedding pictures :)

Basildon Represent. And all that... stuff..

Thursday said...

Looking lovely Laney, lovely :)