Sunday, August 26, 2007

Days out

The next day Pete and I wanted to do a trip on our own as part of our 'honeymoon', so we went quad biking up the mountain. It was so much fun, quite hard work, and a little scary at times!

Amongst doing other 'honeymooney' type things, *ahem*, we also had a day lazing around the adult pool and swim-up bar...

...and went out for a romantic meal on our own

Taylor caught an ear infection in the swimming pool that was so severe that it went green, and it took double antibiotics to clear it up, and cost us $200!

On the Friday, my Mum and I went horse riding about an hour away. My horse was called Charlie and my mums was called Birdie.

We rode for about an hour, then got to take the horses swimming in really deep water! It was bizarre, we've both been riding for years but have never done anything like that.

Me getting ready to go in;

My mum about to take the plunge!

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