Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catching up

Goodness, I'm finding it very hard to catch up with everything, online and in real life. I'm about 5 days behind with my blog. Tsk tsk.

We had our wedding reception last Saturday, it was really good fun, and lots of people have called and emailed to say they really enjoyed themselves. We didn't get to eat any of the food, which has pissed me off a little bit. We didn't even get to take the leftovers home, and seeing as everyone came back to ours to carry on drinking, the nibbles would've come in handy. Oh well, it could have been worse, something disastrous could have happened, and as far as weddings go, ours has been quite uneventful.

Us at the reception

On the Sunday we took the kids out for lunch, we fancied a roast and I couldn't be bothered to cook. On Monday we went to Lakeside and I went shopping for stuff for the house, while Pete took the boys to see the Simpson's Movie. It seems to be taking us all ages to recover from the jet lag, I thought the going out there was bad but this week has sucked. We are all staying up really really late as we are still 6 hours behind. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt human. Didn't look it, but still.

On Wednesday we met up with Sam and Harvey and went to Barleylands Farm. We had a laugh as usual, did dippy things like Sam leaving her car keys in the lock for the duration of our stay(we were lucky thecar was still there), and me getting locked out of the house for two hours. It was a key themed day, obviously.

Today I am feeling an evil happiness. Taylor's Dad Mike just came to pick him up(he hasn't seen him since February, but that's a whole other moan), and I got the wedding photos out. He didn't even pretend to be impressed, and actually looked pretty gutted. Bwahahahaha!

You had your chance mister!

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Dan said...

Lots more cool pictures :D
Good luck catching up on the sleep and getting un-jet-lagged.

And booo to the people that ate all your food!

Welcome back to the land of the sort-of-almost-human!