Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well, the day has finally come. All our suitcases are sat downstairs tagged and waiting to go. Pete is bringing my Mum over in about an hour and we are having a takeaway and a bottle of champagne. Isobel has been driving me mad all day, she keeps camping out by the front door, asking me when we can go. I told her we couldn't go until Nanny Lynne got here, so then she kept opening the front door and checking for her! She's been a grump all afternoon, so I've put her to bed now and am enjoying the peace and quiet for a few hours. The guinea pigs have been re-homed with some friends for two weeks, but I'm not so sure my tomatoes are going to survive if the hot weather here continues. :-/ We are being picked up at 6am, but don't actually fly until 12 noon, so I have a loooong wait at the check in and departure lounge.

Anyway, take care everyone, and I'll be back with lots of photos in two weeks time!


miss merlot said...

Good luck, have a safe trip and a fabulous wedding and holiday.

Can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it.

x x x

Thursday said...

Have an absolutely fabulous time, really, REALLY looking forward to hearing about it when you return. All the very best wishes to you and Pete for your future happiness, xx

Dan said...

OK OK, so you're almost back, but I am waaaay behind ;)

Hope you had a really great time, and everyone here sends you all their love and similar mushy stuff! hehe