Wednesday, August 01, 2007


You would've thought we would have escaped paying the CSA money, now that we actually have custody of the child in question, but no. To cut a long story short, when Ryan was a preschooler Pete stupidly paid Sian maintenance in cash and didn't get receipts. So, when she went back to work she told the CSA that he'd never paid her a penny, and he then owed the state thousands of pounds. It is currently at £12,000. This was on top of the £700 a month we were paying her anyway. After 3 years of no contact, the CSA have called today to ask him how he is going to pay it! I am bloody furious! We've had Ryan two years and have never had a penny off her, but they won't even take that into account, they don't give a stuff about the kids in the situation as long as they get their money.

The reason they've called us now is that Sian has been on the phone to them trying to claim money off her new husband for their two girls, as they've split up. They've obviously seen Pete's name attached to hers on the system and realised they could be £12,000 richer if they claimed that money back. If Pete were a woman rather than a man, they wouldn't bother, as they only go after the dreaded big bad absent father.

Sian's ex Dean has a new girlfriend apparently, and I just said to Pete that she should run for the hills while she can now, before Sian starts on her. The amount of shit I've had off that woman over the years is unbelievable, so I guess now it's someone elses turn.

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Thursday said...

I have no personal experience of the CSA but I know from having witnessed bitter, anguished, frustrated, desperate tears of a work colleague in the past what a shite organisation it is. God give you strength, I believe you'll need it.