Friday, May 05, 2006

It's been ages since I've had time to update here...

...quite a lot has happened!
I had to more or less run the office at work today, only myself and Jacqui were in(there are normally 5 of us), as everyone else was either sick or on holiday. We were very busy, but had a laugh. Some of the old ladies said they were going to mention how hard we'd worked at the Committee meeting on Monday and request a raise for us both(tongue in cheek of course!)
It was my friend Lara's little boys 1st Birthday last week too, so Isobel had fun beating up all the younger children for even daring to look at her. She has a bit of a superiority complex when it comes to her own personal space. Come within that specified distance and you get swiped. Unfortunately, only Isobel knows what that specified distance is. The rest of us mere mortals have to guess.

I gave up in the end and tried the 'containment method'(see photo).


We went clubbing last weekend to Mass in Brixton. It was a Techno night full of sweaty shirtless men, it was great. I do like a good boogie, but my legs were killing me the next day. Here is a photo of me and Lara out that night. Then on bank holiday Monday I went to try on wedding outfits with Lara(her wedding is in June), then stupidly invited everyone over for a BBQ. I had no time to prepare, I was exhausted from the weekend, but we managed to pull it off and everyone had fun. It finished at about midnight, and all the kids behaved themselves, especially the small ones.

Pete has been off on holiday from work this week as he can't take the pace of a night out clubbing then the pure torture of two and a half days work afterwards(bless!). He needs about a weeks rest after a night out. He still hasn't recovered, and is currently laid up on the sofa with Man Flu.

On Wednesday we went to the garden centre(how awfully middle class), then dug our vegetable patch. I was given some very good advice by a seasoned gardener. They told me to start of by digging a small patch, then make it larger as and when needed. Otherwise, you get sick to death of digging and never seeing any results. I took heed of that advice, hence my small and pathetic vegetable patch. It has Carrot seedlings, Spring Onion seedlings(both grown indoors), then Taylor planted Broccoli, Beetroot, Lettuce and more Carrots. We also have Tomatoes in grow bags and Strawberries in pots.

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