Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Christ on a bike, I've found another dress.

Now what am I going to do. Whilst on a mission with Lara for wedding outfits, I spotted another dress. Shit, now I'm in a quandry. Hers is lovely by the way, and now purchased at last, but I can't give anything away ;) Husbands-to-be may be sneaking!

I adore this colour so much, I was thinking of having it for the bridesmaids. Then I saw this dress and fell in love. I think it looks great on, but I can't quite do it up so it isn't hanging right on me. It's £100 cheaper than the other one and I think I like it more. I just don't know.

Here is a close up of the material, it's an irridescent rust coloured taffeta. The colour matches my headdress perfectly(see other picture below).

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