Saturday, May 20, 2006

We were a little naughty today and let Isobel have some of her birthday presents early. We put her trampoline, slide and sandpit out for her last night so they were ready this morning. She loves the trampoline, I must take some pictures tomorrow.

I got some money for my birthday from work today so I'm off to buy craft stuff tomorrow with it. I may pay for my haircut too, rather than waiting until next month. It depends on the cost. I want a short blunt cut fringe, very Betty Page! Pete gave up smoking today, he's done really well. He hasn't got the grumps yet which I'm amazed about. I hated quitting, it was hard, and I was pregnant at the time so had an obvious incentive.

Isobel has a family birthday party on Sunday so more organising and running around for me this weekend. I'm sure she'll have fun though.

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