Sunday, May 28, 2006

26th Birthday

I forgot to update on my birthday, I was 26 last Wednesday. Goodness, the years are rushing by. I was only 19 when I met Pete, now I'm inching closer to 30.
I went out for a lovely chinese buffet lunch with Lara on my birthday, then we went out to see a comedian(Ian Cognito) on the Thurs with Lara and Rob. He was very funny. Lara knows him, and we ended up giving him a lift to the station to get home.
I also have a rotten cold and a kidney infection, so I'm feeling pretty shitty. We are going to a BBQ today, I'm looking forward to the munch!
Ryan won a football tournament with his team yesterday. It was a miserable day, it rained non-stop, but we all had fun. Here is Ryan collecting his winners medal.

Look at the state of their kits. I've had that in soak all night, and it's been through two washes and it still won't come up clean. Yikes!

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