Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer holidays on a budget

Trying to find things to do as a family that don't cost the earth is a nightmare. With only one wage coming in it's been even harder than usual this year. It's important that the children feel like they've done things over the summer break. We are a very experience driven family, rather than possession driven, and I want them to have fun memories of their childhood. It doesn't help when the weather is so unpredictable either. We went swimming last week and met up with friends, you only got an hour time slot in the pool due to it being overcrowded, and it cost us £15. Luckily we had packed picnics and we went to one of my childhood haunts afterwards, The Splash, which is FREE!

The water is bloody freezing!

This is where it gets it's name from:

Playing pooh sticks on the bridge:

Taylor fell in about 30 seconds later. He always falls in.

Isobel went in too. She was distracted by a galloping Labrador that was passing by through the river and lost her balance. She was not amused and refused to let me take her picture from that point on.

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