Saturday, August 15, 2009

Useless parents

I know very well that I should be used to this mess after all these years, and shouldn't get annoyed by it, but sometimes Ryan's mum does something so bloody ridiculous I can't help but get into a rage. Most of the time we just laugh at her, including Ryan.

When Ryan was living with her Pete payed £600 a month maintenance. He's been with us 4 years now and we've never had a single penny from her. She has been giving Ryan erratic pocket money for a year.

As Pete is out of work we've been in touch with all the usual benefits people, income support etc. to see what we can get help with, and they are pushing us to get maintenance from her. If we don't claim it from her they will. So, Pete called her up and explained to her what was going on. Her first reaction? "Can't Claire support you all. Can't she pay for Ryan?". The cheek of the woman!! Then she said "Can't Claire's family help you out?" I am still in shock four days later that she can't hear herself, and can't see how pathetic that is. She gave birth to the child, she should at least be a little bit concerned that we are struggling to put food on the table!

She has agreed to give us a hilariously small amount, and carry on giving Ryan a smaller amount too, but has refused to set up a direct debit, so we'll probably get it when she feels like it, just like she does with his pocket money. She even said "Aren't I good paying you this money?". Err, no, he is YOURS after all.

Even more annoyingly, she is really stringing Ryan along about when he can come and stay. She won't make any firm plans, said he could go next Monday and she'd call him to make arrangements last night, she didn't, it's now Saturday lunchtime and still no call. He says if he can't go on Monday he won't bother as he doesn't want to go for the last week of the holidays. When he tells her that she'll go bananas at him.

What is wrong with these absent parents? Michael hasn't even bothered to call Taylor either. He will have a stroppy phone call winging it's way to him from me very soon, which I never do. *shakes head*


Kate said...

I sympathise! My ex-husband has contributed £20 towards the upkeep of our sons in 14 years. The CSA won't help because I'm not a single parent claiming benefits, and the courts impose orders, but then he gives up his job and the whole thing has to start again.

It sounds harsh, but some people are just gits, they don't deserve to have children. Fortunately, there are people like you and my DH who are willing to step into the gap.

Laney said...

I just don't get it Kate. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror every day knowing I had a child I wasn't contributing to.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to say but i have never had decent role models growing up. my mother is a retarded, weak old women who thinks that she is still the center of every mans universe, the same reason why she divorced my dad in the first place, cause she thought she was too good. my dad is a schizophrenic who can have at least ten different moods in one hour, my uncle who made me carry 50kgs boxes when i was ten, which caused a fracture in my lower spine to this very day and my aunt who watched very amusingly and not doing anything about it. Also starting out by myself with none of these parasites to hold me back, i cant believe i have had no proper parents but only a life which was polluted by these pieces of shi@ts,